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Oh, hi.
I still exist. Just making sure I don't get deleted. :)
State of LJ

If you didn't get the message, go read. This should clear up the misconceptions and media Chicken Little-ry.
First, happy bdaydarkknight090.

Next, I feel a heart attack coming just looking at this thing but damn does it look good. lol.
Such an awesome Miyazaki tribute at Kohaku (紅白歌合戦) the other night. Now I want to watch the movies all over again. Happy New Year & akemashite omedeto to you all.

best thing I've seen all dayCollapse )

Also, hai livejournals. I've misseded you. :)
First, a very happy early birthday to flannel_flowers. :)

Second, Flash Player 10 is available now. Go get some new Flash goodness. I was able to see the new version in action at FlashCamp and I'm telling you, it's amazing.

Also, happy birthday fullmetalkatu
I love Nijiya Market. That is all.
<davr> why does linux/ext3 take so long to delete large (multi-GB) files?
<GrizzlyAdams> because it does
<GrizzlyAdams> you should have used something else such
<GrizzlyAdams> i can't remember the name of the other fs that does deletes fast
<GrizzlyAdams> but don't use reiser cause it leads to disk corruption
<StoneCypher> and wife murder
<JSensebe> And bedwetting.
<BigRedPimp> and 15 to life
So today, kaylea & I celebrate our first year of wedded bliss. It's been a rocky start but I wouldn't give it up for anything. We managed to celebrate early since she has to work pretty much all week. Also, we got great news on Thurs. I am now among the employed again, paperwork permitting. Things can get back on track finally. Thank you all for all the kind words & support in the past year.